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Executive Protection Dogs For Sale

Here at CC Protection Dogs we believe that there is no better way to protect your family and home than through the use of a trained protection dog. A highly selective process goes into determining which dogs meet our stringent criteria and possess the needed attributes to become top protection dogs. We work with Europe’s top breeders to select only the finest dogs, and then utilize world renowned training methods to produce top of the line protection dogs for sale, setting global standards in the industry. The unsurpassed quality of our trained Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd protection dogs and the level of training expertise of our team in producing top class protection dogs is what set us apart from our competitors. From Executive Protection Dogs to Elite Family Estate Protection Dogs, CC Protection Dogs has become synonymous with excellence in the protection dog industry. Visit our video gallery to see our trained protection dogs in action and trained German Shepherds for sale.

Personal Protection Dogs For Sale

PROTECTING OUR CLIENTS: POLICY German Shepherd Protection DogsCC Protection Dogs takes our clients’ privacy very seriously. Fortunately, so do our clients. We recently delivered two personal protection dogs to the home of a well-known rock star living in Santa Monica California. The dogs will begin touring with the musician shortly. During the delivery, he asked us to sign a series of confidentiality agreements instructing us not to disclose his name or image. We were happy to sign the forms but disappointed that it wasn’t assumed we would be discreet. Given his position, requesting written assurance is understandable and a matter of course in much of what he does. All of our clients, famous or not, receive the same treatment. Our policy is simple. Under no circumstances do we reveal the names and/or specifics, identifying occupations of our clients. We never market our dogs using a celebrity’s name; our dogs stand on their own merit. It’s a celebrity obsessed world, but your personal safety is more valuable than any advantage that name recognition may give us. We train and supply protection dogs to increase your safety. Trust us when we say we’ll do nothing to jeopardize it.

Protection Dogs

Though we deliver our trained executive protection dogs to families and executives anywhere, most of our dogs now live in California, Texas, Florida and North and South Carolina. Unfortunately, there are many people who are not correctly educated on trained protection dogs, and therefore its commonly mistaken that these dogs are dangerous. However, I can confidently inform you that the Protection Dogs for sale at Command Control Protection Dogs are not trained to present a danger in your home. Our unique expert training methods are used from a very young age to ensure that these dogs are completely capable of protecting an estate, and more importantly a family. It is important to understand that we train our dogs to fully assess various situations and recognize when there is a threat to the person or family they are protecting. Our training is specific and created by our team, and unlike many of our competitors we do not treat this as a game. We understand that you value your safety and the safety of your loved ones more than anything and want to provide you with the comfort of knowing you’re protected. This is why we train our family protection dogs to defend for the right reasons. You will quickly find that their very presence calms any worries or unsettling feelings. Everyone should have peace of mind within their homes and never live in fear of the unknown. If you are thinking about purchasing an executive or an elite family, I would encourage you to consider our custom training program. This option allows us to train your dog specifically to your needs. For instance, we can train in a language of your choice, expose them to marine or unrestrained vehicle travel, socializing with livestock, etc. If you decide on this route, we will do our best to plan out a program that will create a dog fitting perfectly into your lifestyle. As strange as this may sound to some, our dogs are handpicked among the very top of their breed and are extremely capable of learning how to protect you best.

Available Dogs

  • Protection Dog Bella


    Elite Family Estate

  • Protection Dog Bear


    Executive Protection Dog

  • Protection Dog Badr


    Executive Protection Dog

  • Protection Dog Como


    Executive Protection Dog

  • Protection Dog Argo


    Elite Family Estate

  • Protection Dog Max


    Executive Protection Dog

  • Protection Dog Barron


    Executive Protection Dog

  • Protection Dog Konan


    Executive Protection Dog

  • Protection Dog Kerr


    Elite Family Protection Dog

  • Protection Dog Pia


    Executive Protection Dog

  • Protection Dog Nicco


    Elite Family Estate

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What Sets Our Trained Protection Dogs Above All Others

At CC Protection Dogs, only the top 1% of the breed is good enough to be successful in our program. We hand select and import best-of-breed security dogs. We purchase only from owners who have hand-raised their dogs, never from wholesalers. We do not sell sporting dogs – we sell only functional protection dogs. As part of our program, all of our German shepherd puppies and Belgian malinois puppies are socialized with children and will arrive at your home off-lead trained and house trained. They will fit right into your household. The security dogs are trained in real life settings, preparing them for real life situations. Once fully trained, the dogs continue daily sessions with our trainers in obedience, protection, bite work and agility to maintain their skills. All of our elite estate protection dogs are trained for food refusal. At CC Protection Dogs, we can tailor training to accommodate your individual needs. The purchase price of executive and elite family estate protection dogs includes a 3-4 day handling course where the dog will learn to respond to you, just as he responds to our trainers. We make personal deliveries to your home or office. You will receive a complete and comprehensive video of the handler training course for your future reference. All of our clients have access to our professional trainers 24 hours a day for the life of your canine.  We offer refresher courses following the delivery if desired. All CC Protection dogs come with the most solid unconditional guarantee in the business. We trust our dogs – you can too. Learn More

Young Dogs For Sale

Although we specialize in selling fully trained adult protection dogs, we do have young dogs for sale. We produce 2 to 3 litters per year of Belgian Malinois puppies, and German Shepherd puppies. Our intentions are to only bred the best protection dogs. We won’t put a litter together just to sell puppies. There is a tremendous amount of thought put into assembling a litter. All adult dogs have proven themselves and have completed, at minimum, our Executive Protection Dog program. Visit our video gallery to see our trained protection dogs in action and trained Young Dogs for sale Video Gallery

Our training of elite personal protection dogs - both family and executive protection dogs. German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are trained to meet our clients specific needs. We are dedicated to providing exceptional home and family protection dogs. This is our primary focus. Puppies are also available throughout the year. We continue to provide some of the best trained dogs in the industry. Our dogs will put their life on the line to protect yours. CC Protection Dogs offers worldwide delivery which includes a 3-4 day handling course and our facility is open 7 days a week. "Your family's safety is priceless. Your property is valuable. A CCPD trained Personal Protection Dog will bring you peace of mind."