Command Control Protection Dogs has a unique and successful training program that ensures all Personal Protection Dogs meet the standards of the clients. Using the basis of psychology, our trainers first gain trust and respect of the dogs. The initial step of the program is the bonding period. Since we do not use treats, toys or tugs to train, a strong trainer/dog bond is necessary to motivate the dog to want to work and learn.

What Makes CCPD Trained Protection Dogs So Special?

We hand select and import only the top 1% of the breed for our program. This ensures that we can offer our clients the best-of-breed security dogs. We purchase only from owners who have hand-raised their dogs, not from wholesalers and we train them in real life settings to prepare them for the real world.

All of our Family Protection Dogs, including our German Shepherd puppies, and Belgian Malinois puppies are fully Guaranteed. All of our Dogs, and are socialized with children, and will arrive at your home off-leash trained.

Belgian Malinois Protection Dog

One-Of-A-Kind Training Program

Command Control Protection Dogs has a training program like no other because we DON’T sell sporting dogs, we sell functional protection dogs. Even when fully trained, they undergo daily practice in obedience, protection and agility to keep their skills sharp. They have been socialized with children and other animals so they can fit right in with your family and household. Unlike other dog training programs all of our dogs are trained for food refusal.

More Than Just A Protection Dog

The purchase price of our Personal and Family Protection Dogs Include a 2-3 day handling course where the dog will learn to respond to you as well as he responds to our trainers. Personal delivery to your home or office as well as the following;

  • Our trained dogs come with the strongest unconditional guarantee in the business.
  • Access to professional trainers for the life of your canine
  • Tailor-made package for your individual needs.
  • A complete and comprehensive video of the handler training course for your future reference. We offer refresher courses following the delivery.