Protect Your California Family With a Trained Protection Dog

In an era of security alarms and monitoring California home owners may think they are protected from danger thanks to electronic devices. This isn’t always the case with criminals becoming more tech online systems, savvy and hacking technology on the rise.

Protection from a highly trained dog can offer more security than any device can. They are effective, on-site protection that tells would-be intruders or other criminals that they are being watched and will be stopped.

A select breed of dogs known for their exceptional protection qualities are available including German Shepherds, and Belgian Malinois dogs. These dogs are highly trained in defense measures to protect you and your family.

Out In The California Social Scene

All the dogs trained at CCPD  have been trained for social situations. Whether you have company over or are out running on the beautiful beaches of California your protection dog is prepared for any situation. They have been taught how to properly identify what is a threat and what is normal activity. They are highly socialized and make excellent companions so you never have to feel threatened in their presence. The dogs learn through real-life scenarios how to identify danger and protect those that care for them.

CC Protection Dogs California

Personal Protection and Women/Children

Nearly 70 percent of people who live in California that choose  CC Protection Dogs are women. This is because a dog can be an excellent personal protection from attack or predators. CC Protection Dogs makes sure that the dog makes a smooth transition into the new home and has spent time working with female handlers.

Children can also feel safe and protected with a dog from CC Protection Dogs. All protection dogs are trained to work around both adults and children from as early as five weeks (puppies).

They are the preferred choice for many CEOs who have to make frequent trips and leave their wife and children at home.

Choosing your Dog

CCPD has been matching protection dogs with families in California for many years and they work with each client to identify what the security needs are and what dog will work best in each situation.

Each dog is rated based on the level of protection required and what kind of working environment they will be in.

The Command Control Personal Protection Dog is a well-mannered, sociable dog that is good with children and animals. They are trained with all off-leash obedience, aggression alert, and with further threat will take bite on body, release and return to handler on command.

The Family Protection Dog will also do a building/home search, can bite on elevation, and can handle multiple attacks.

The Family Protection Dog is designed for Family’s who need a high level of security.