6 Tips To Provide A Safe Home For Your Protection Dog

German Shepherd Protection Dog , CobraPets complete our homes and are great for adding happiness and contentment to their owners’ lives. However, keeping a pet – including a personal protection dog – can cause allergies in many and according to research studies. Almost 10% to 15% suffer from pet allergies.

Managing a pet is a huge task because you have to make it feel comfortable. But when you get a furry companion, you need to look after an array of things including ticks, fleas, shedding, and accidents. You need to ensure that your pets are living in great condition and your home is still safe for you and other members.


Minimize Pet Allergies

Because almost 70% of households own a cat or a family protection dog, it is important to ensure that the members of the house are not suffering from any allergies like asthma and immunology. All pets cause allergy, but some cause it to a greater extent to others. But the pets with less dander will cause fewer allergies. In order to avoid these health issues, it is better to adopt some habits that will not only keep us protected, but will also keep our pets close to us.

1. Go for Hard Flooring

Dander from your pets or your personal protection dog can easily settle inside carpets, which will continue to cause allergies until you clean them thoroughly. Therefore, it is better for people with pets to go for hard floors like concrete and hardwood instead of carpet and rugs. But if you are living in a rented property where the whole house is carpeted, try to keep your pet away from the carpeted areas. Furthermore, make sure you vacuum the carpet every week and steam-clean it once a month.

2. Keep your Protection Dog Outside the Room

A common cause of allergies is when pet owners let their pets sleep in their beds and rooms. Pet dander will get into the places that come in contact with you, leaving you open to allergies. If you or anyone in the house has severe allergy from pet fur or dander, keep them out of the living room as well. People with pet allergies should avoid grooming, combing, and showering their pets.

3. Seal the Central Air Units

For people with worst pet allergies, it is important to pay close attention to everything including the central air units in the room. These units let a lot of dust and dander inside the room and even if you have restricted your pet’s entry inside your room, there’s a high chance that the dander enters through the filters. A good way to put a stop to this problem is to install a high efficiency particulate air filter that blocks tiniest of particles.

4. Keep the Home Clean

One of the most important things that people with pets should do is to keep their homes clean. Leather, plastic, and wood are materials that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Furthermore, make sure that you don’t let your pets sit on the furniture.

5. Vacuum Frequently

Vacuuming is essential, especially when you have a pet at home. If your home has carpet and rugs, makes sure you vacuum them using a high efficiency particulate air filter system that sucks up 99% of particles, making the entire home much cleaner.

6. Go for Semi-Glossy Wall Paint

Walls also catch a lot of dander and fur in areas of the home where your pet freely moves. In order to prevent dander build-up on the walls, get semi-glossy wall paint instead of a flat one. Glossy walls are easier to clean.  Pet owners should also avoid getting highly textured walls because such walls catch lots of dander making allergies worst.

By following these tips, you will be able to create a perfect home not only for your cat and protection dog, but for yourself as well. These tips will give you a chance to live in peace and contentment with your furry friend.