Belgian Malinois-Terra

Belgian Malinois-Terra





PRICE: $65,000 USD


Belgian Malinois Protection Dog

Introducing Belgium Malinois Terra: The Ultimate Family Protector

Meet Terra, she is a gorgeous fawn female Belgian Malinois and is the sister of Freya. Terra is often mistaken for a male due to the shape of her head and the size of her body. She is on the bigger/taller side, easy to handle an would make the perfect protection dog for any family.

Terra is gentle, sweet, loves people, children and other animals. Although she is gentle and easy going, her protection is real! She comes in fast and hard with a bone-crushing bite. She is devoted to defend and protect those that matter and are closest to her. 

Easy to Handle and Eager to Perform her Commands

Terra’s socialization extends beyond the home. She is incredibly easy to handle in public, making outings a pleasure. Whether it’s a stroll in the park or a visit to a busy area, Terra’s behaviour is impeccable, drawing admiration for her calm and controlled manner.

Terra is the ultimate choice for those seeking not just a pet but a real protector. Her elite training, sociable nature, and dedicated loyalty make her the perfect addition to any family. Her presence provides not just security but also companionship, peace of mind, and an unbreakable bond.

To experience the unique blend of love and protection that only a dog like K9 Terra can offer, contact us to learn more about this extraordinary family guardian.