Belgian Malinois- Una

Belgian Malinois-Una





PRICE: $45,000


Client Review

Belgian Malinois Protection Dog
Hi, I’m Denise and I recently just purchased my amazing protection dog, a Belgian Malinois named Una, and I am absolutely thrilled with my decision. Una has exceeded all of my expectations and has quickly become an invaluable part of my life. Her intelligence, loyalty, and impressive protection skills make me feel safe and secure at all times.
From the moment I brought Una home, I could tell that she was something special. Her training and expertise in protecting me are truly remarkable, and I am constantly impressed by her ability to assess and respond to any situation with precision and confidence. Not only is Una a skilled protector, but she is also a loving and affectionate companion who brings joy and laughter to my everyday life.
I can’t imagine my life without Una by my side, and I am grateful every day for the peace of mind and security she provides. If you are considering adding a protection dog to your family, I highly recommend Una – she is truly an amazing and exceptional dog.