Belgian Malinois-Zeka

SOLD-Belgian Malinois Zeka


AGE: 6 years 

PRICE: $5,000


Client Review

Belgian Malinois Protection Dog
I can’t thank Sarena and Perry enough for delivering my beautiful Belgian Malinois named Zeka. Although she’s a more mature dog, she could not be a better protector for me and my family here in Texas. Zeka’s expertise and skills in protection are truly unmatched, and her presence has brought a sense of security and peace to our home.
From the moment Zeka arrived, it was clear that she was a special dog with a strong bond with her previous owners. Despite her maturity, she has seamlessly integrated into our family and has quickly become an invaluable member. Zeka’s loyalty, intelligence, and unwavering dedication to keeping us safe are truly commendable, and I am constantly impressed by her ability to assess and respond to any situation with grace and confidence.
I am grateful every day for the protection and companionship that Zeka provides, and I can’t imagine my life without her. If you are in search of a reliable and trustworthy protector for your family, I highly recommend Zeka – she is a truly exceptional dog.