Finn- German Shepherd

Belgian Malinois-Finn


    AGE: 6 Months



    PRICE: $18,500


Client Review

German Shepherd Protection Dog
We couldn’t be happier with our German Shepherd named Finn. He has been an exceptional dog for myself and my family. Finn is great with our girls and absolutely loves and protects them. He watches over them like they are his own and has truly become a big part of our family.
Finn’s loyalty, intelligence, and loving nature have made him a cherished member of our household. His presence brings us comfort and security, knowing that he is always looking out for us. Finn’s bond with our children is heartwarming to see, and we are grateful for the positive impact he has had on our family dynamic.
We highly recommend CCPD to anyone looking for a loyal and loving companion. Our boy has brought so much joy and love into our lives, and we are grateful to have him by our side. Thank you Perry and Sarena for giving us Finn  as he is such a wonderful addition to our family.