CCP-Protection-Dog-Training-CollarsWhile Schutzhund USA has become synonymous with politics, corruption and unsportman-like conduct, the Mondioring dog sport rushes in to fill the void. The training is fun for both dogs and handlers, alike!

Authorized by the F.C.I., this international dog sport came into being in the latter half of 80’s. What set it apart was.
• Its aim to level the playing ground since competitors from all over the world – French and Belgian Rings, KPPV and IPO (SchH) – took part in it.
• A dog who has won in another competition, such as the Schutzhund may enter at the same level achieved in his country.

Exercises in Mondioring

A dog/handler team takes part in a range of exercises, geared towards competing for compliance – control, in the face of distraction –, alertness – the dog’s willingness to jump –, and protection – demonstration of total control. At the third level, 17 exercises that last uninterrupted up to 45 minutes must be completed. Absence of a leash , complicated trials and demonstration of control ensure that only canines with excellent training, character and sense of purpose can win.

Mondioring Themes

Every competition has a
theme which is fully evident in how the props and distractions are placed. Even though, each trial includes the same exercises, their setup changes with the judge – which makes it impossible for a dog to win through rote learning.

Mondioring Popularity Grows

The first trial was held in the United States in the year 2000. Regular trials, member, and other clubs attest to its growing popularity. The titles receive international recognition. The Unites States Mondioring Association, a member of the American Working Protection Dog Federation (AWDF) represents this competition in the country. Visit their website for more information.