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Do You Want Protect Your Seattle Family With a Trained Protection Dog ?

Welcome to CCPD, your trusted provider of unparalleled home state security in Seattle! We specialize in offering a wide range of Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds, each with unique skill sets tailored to meet your specific needs
Our dogs undergo rigorous training and are well-equipped to handle various scenarios that may arise. With their exceptional instincts and intelligence, they can assess situations and respond accordingly, ensuring the safety and protection of your family.
No matter the size of your family, our dogs make the perfect addition. Their loyalty, affection, and protective nature are guaranteed to create a strong bond with every member of your household. Whether you have a small family or a big one, our dogs will seamlessly integrate into your lives, providing companionship and an extra layer of security.
At CCPD, we take immense pride in the quality and caliber of our dogs. They come from impressive bloodlines, boasting exceptional genetics and traits that set them apart. Rest assured, when you choose our Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds, you’re selecting the best of the best.
Let CCPD provide you with the ultimate home state security solution for your Seattle family. Contact us today to explore our available dogs and discover how our loyal companions can enhance your life and keep your loved ones safe.

Out With Your New Companion In The Streets Of Seattle

Take the streets and scenic views of Seattle to a whole new level with your loyal and protective companion by your side. At CCPD, we provide you with exceptional protection dogs that are ready to explore the vibrant cityscape alongside you. Whether you’re strolling through Pike Place Market, discovering the beauty of Kerry Park, or embarking on an adventure in the surrounding nature, our dogs are the perfect companions. With their intelligent training and unwavering loyalty, they will not only keep you safe but also make every outing an extraordinary experience. Enjoy the excitement and beauty of Seattle with the peace of mind that comes from having a trusted protective partner at your side.