Training Your Protection Dog to Feel Comfortable in a Muzzle

Muzzle work, German Shepherd DogWhen training an aggressive dog, it is best to make use of a muzzle. A muzzle not only helps correct the dog’s behavior, but it is perfect for keeping everyone around the dog safe as well. Of course, the first time you try to put a muzzle on your dog’s face, it will resist. This happens because the dog is not used to the tool. However, by using a few dog training tactics, you can make your dog accept it. Here are a few tips on training a dog to wear a muzzle.

Putting a Muzzle on Your Family Protection Dog for the First Time

Now that it is time to train your dog to wear a muzzle, you will need a lot of patience and consistency. Your dog may not like it at first, but you can ease it into feeling more comfortable in it. All you need to do is bring the muzzle close to your dog’s nose. If the dog tries to fit its nose inside it, quickly tighten the straps.

Make sure that your dog is on the leash when you do this because it will be easier for you to control its behavior. While the muzzle is on your dog’s nose, it will try to get it off. Correct its behavior with a voice command and pull the leash. Some dogs will jump in discomfort, and in order to calm them down, you will need to make strict correction using the leash and voice commands.

Remember, you need to be strict in correcting the dog or else it will continue to take the muzzle off. You also shouldn’t take the muzzle off until the dog has accepted it. Furthermore, if you want the dog to feel comfortable in a muzzle, you need to make it wear in its normal life. Train your personal protection dog  to wear the muzzle 4 to 5 times a week.

Buy a Muzzle that Fits

The purpose of a muzzle is protection. If the muzzle that your dog is wearing doesn’t fit or is loose, it will not fulfill its purpose. What if the dog is trying to bite something or charging at someone and the muzzle falls off? To avoid situations like these, you need to check whether the muzzle fits perfectly or not. To check the size of the muzzle, lift your dog’s front feet one or two inch above the ground. If the muzzle is loose, it means that it is not a perfect fit for your dog.

When is a Muzzle Helpful for Your Protection Dog?

A muzzle is not just for protection, but it can be used for a number of reasons:

• For keeping the dog from chewing household items.

• For avoiding biting and attacking incidents during the training of protection dogs.

• For the protection of dog trainers in police.

• For the protection of other people and dogs.

• For checking how well the dog is trained in a new environment or around other pets.

• For use at the vet and groomer.

• To test the training of guard dogs.

• For the protection of children from aggressive dogs.

• For the protection of visitors.

• For safety training purposes.

• For use during training sessions of aggressive dogs.

A muzzle can be an extremely useful tool to keep the dog and everyone around it safe. However, you need to make sure that you train your dog to wear the muzzle on a regular basis. Help your dog make positive association with the muzzle so that it doesn’t resist wearing it.