Tina, New Family Protection Dogs.Dog training is a huge responsibility which requires extended efforts from the owners. Many dog owners are unable to handle their dogs in the right way, which makes their dogs misbehave. The change in a dog’s behavior is often mistaken as the dog’s fault. However, a dog that is aggressive and unable to learn and  is a direct result of poor training and handling from the owner’s side.

In order to enjoy a good relationship with your dog, you need to work on your behavior first. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can turn your dog into an affectionate, loyal, and obedient companion.

Working on Obedience Training

Obedience training is one of the most effective ways of making your protection dog or puppy learn to behave. If you don’t invest time in training your dog, it will start to eliminate inside the home, chew onto the cushions, bark, and much more. Obedience training also allows dog owners to set themselves as leader of the pack, which means that your dog will start following your commands. However, do not train your dog aggressively as it is only going to make its behavior worst. When training protection dogs, it is important to know that they are big breeds and require extra care. Once you are able to train them, they can turn into perfect guarding dogs for you and your family.

Place Yourself in the Alpha Spot

Many dog owners tell others that the reason that their dog is aggressive is that it belongs to dominant breed. However, your dog’s aggressive behavior is not at all attributed to your dog’s personality traits. A dog, whether belonging to a dominant breed or not has the ability to develop its individual personality. So, even if you have a dominant protection dog, you can take the place of a leader by acting like one. Make sure you are not an angry leader who hits the dog when it doesn’t listen or tries to scare it. Be polite to your dog and take charge. A dog’s aggression and dominant behavior might be a result of its shaky confidence and fearfulness. When training protection dogs, it is important for owners to mark themselves as the leader, as these dogs can become quite dominant without the lack of leadership and direction.


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Let Your Protective Dog Enjoy the Outdoors

Many owners believe that leaving their dogs in the backyard for some time provides for their physical and mental needs. However, dog owners do not realize that their pet companions require a lot of exercise in a suitable environment. Therefore, it is best to take your dog to a park and let it explore a larger area so it can satisfy its needs. When your dog’s basic needs will be met, it will turn into a happy and loving companion.

Do Not Leave Your Dog Alone in the Yard

One of the major reasons of aggressions in dogs is caused by the negligence of their owners. Leaving your dog alone in the yard is not considered a form of entertainment. Your dog is not looking to go outside on its own. It needs your company to stay engaged and when it doesn’t get it, it will become more frustrated. Moreover, leaving a dog chained in the yard hoping for the fence to stop it from escaping is a mistake that every dog owner should avoid. A dog that is left alone in the yard can become frustrated and in that anger it can pose threat to the neighbors and other pets. It can also hurt itself in trying to break the chain to escape. Give your dog quality time by keeping it engaged instead of leaving it all by itself in the yard.

Supervise the Interactions between Your Child and Your Family Protection Dog

Letting your child play with the dog the way it desires is a mistake that many dog owners make. Your dog might like the attention that it is getting from the child, but if it goes overboard, your dog might end up biting the child. It is best to hold such interactions under adult supervision. It is not alright to let your child poke, touch, and tease the dog. Your dog might be enjoying it in front of everyone but if this happens to it alone, it might hurt your child or show aggression towards it. Moreover, teach your children to interact with the dog in the right way. This is a good way to ensure that everyone stays safe.

Building a healthy relationship with your dog is a long process that requires dedication. Therefore, it is important to train your personal protection dog responsibly if you want it to become a permanent member of your family.