Saying Goodbye to Your Protection Dog

German Shepherd Protection Dog , RockyGoodbyes are never easy, especially when you have to part ways with your beloved pet. Putting a pet to sleep is a crucial and highly stressful decision that many pet owners are unable to make. As  pets are our sources of joy, it is hard for us to let them go forever. Although putting your personal protection dog and best friend to sleep is one of the toughest decisions to make, it is sometimes necessary and can be a blessing in disguise. No matter how hard the decision might be, knowing that it is the best for your pet can make it easier.

When it is time to make this decision?

When your pet is suffering from a deadly or painful disease that is noticeably affecting its quality of life, it is better to put it to sleep. However, you should consult a vet before making this crucial decision. Your pet’s vet will give you a better idea of the intensity of the pain and suffering that your dog is going through. Even the largest, strongest protection dogs fall to illnesses that leave owners with one choice – euthanasia.

Euthanizing Your Protection Dog

Although euthanasia is a personal choice that is in the hands of each individual guard dog owner, it is mostly about ending the suffering for your pet. Since euthanizing your dog and letting it sleep in front of your eyes is a painful experience, it is best to dig deep into the matter and find out how your pet has been feeling. If the vet tells you that your pet is in excruciating pain, any dog owner would want to put it out of its pain as soon as possible.

Symptoms that your Pet is Suffering

There are certain prominent signs that will tell you that you should think about the option of euthanasia:

• It starts to eliminate inside the house without knowing.

• It is unable to walk properly.

• It is always sick.

• It is suffering from a harmful disease which is making its health deteriorate.

• It falls frequently.

• It is in agonizing pain from its illness.

Sometimes, a pet doesn’t show prominent physical signs that it is suffering tremendously. Many times pets look fine on the outside but on the inside, they are in pain. Therefore, it is best to get a second opinion and get your pet checked before making this huge decision.

Euthanizing a pet is meant to help it. Therefore, it’s important to keep your protection dog’s best interest in mind. If living has become a struggle for it, choose to put it to sleep. If you are unable to make this decision or feel like you are not ready to let it go, think about your pet. Do you want it to suffer for the rest of its life? Do you want it to be put on medicines forever? Do what’s best for your dog, even if it means saying goodbye to it forever.