Personality Traits of a Dutch Shepherd Dog

Dutch Shepherd Protection Dogs by CCPDDutch Shepherd is an extremely obedient, protective, and intelligent breed of dogs that was first used by famers for herding purposes. These dogs are very quick learners that were once used to accompany farm animals like sheep, cows, and hens. They also guarded farms to alert farmers of strangers. This dog has a lot of amazing traits in its personality that makes this breed perfect for families.

Let’s learn more about the outstanding personality of a Dutch Shepherd dog.

Loyal Companion

Dutch Shepherd is an extremely loyal dog that stands by its owner through thick and thin. This dog has a loving nature, is easy going, and often mingles with the entire family. The loyalty of a Dutch Shepherd is immeasurable as it will protect and guard its owner all the time.

Extremely Protective

Dutch Shepherds are considered as the best protection dogs due to their guarding nature. A well trained Dutch Shepherd will keep an eye on everything in the surroundings to ensure maximum safety and protection for their owners and guardians. These dogs are vigilant and intelligent and can sense trouble. They are also used by many people as personal protection dogs. Dutch Shepherds are also part of police forces in many countries. These dogs are known to guard their families and alert their guardians when a stranger enters the property.

Easygoing and Friendly

Although Dutch Shepherds are protection dogs, they are still quite sociable and friendly. These dogs tend to make friends with children and other pets. They do not pose any harm to kids and pets, which is why they are perfect for families.

Highly Intelligent
Dutch Shepherds worked for farmers and helped them with herding and keeping an eye on the farm. The reason that these dogs were used as work dogs was that they were smart and intelligent. These dogs learn new things very quickly and can help with different things like guarding, property protection, drug detection, and rescue.

Affectionate and Obedient

Dutch Shepherds have a very loving and affectionate nature. They like to be around people and they love to play with children. These dogs are really loyal to their guardians and follow every command given to them. When trained properly, these protection dogs will pick up commands really quickly. These dogs never misbehave with their owners and do what they are asked to. That’s the reason they are very reliable personal protection dogs. Trained protection dogs like these can be used by police forces for the detection of drugs.
Dutch Shepherds are perfect protection dogs that are friendly, loving, sharp, and extremely active. These dogs settle really well in families with pets and children. So, if you want a dog that not only protects you but also gels well with children and other pets, then Dutch Shepherd is the perfect choice. This dog’s personality is so dynamic that it is hard to not fall in love with it.