Available Family Protection Dogs




SEX : MALE                    PRICE : $45,000


Jet is out of our breeding program. He is a one of a kind dog. He has a great personality and is a lot of fun to work with. He loves to go on long walks, bike rides and run alongside the quad.

he is social with people, animals and absolutely loves children. In obedience, he is motivated and loves to please the handler. In protection, he comes in with speed, has a powerful bite and his bark is intimidating. With his tenacity and skills he is not to be taken lightly!

Jet would make an exceptional addition to a household with kids or for those needing top-level protection. 




SEX : FEMALE                  PRICE : $45,000


Una is from our breeding program. Una is aesthetically pleasing with a beautiful colouring and a strong black face mask. While Unable can be calm and affectionate with people and children, she is also a force to be reckoned with.

Una loves to work and has an intense bark and comes in with speed. She loves going for walks, bike rides and running alongside the quad.

Una would make an exceptional family pet and protection dog. 




SEX : MALE                    PRICE : $85,000


Chuck is an import from the Czech Republic’s. He is a striking Belgian Malinois with stunning dark brown eyes and black face mask.

Chuck’s combination of good looks paired wth a great temperment and outgoing personality leaves everyone he meets with a lasting impression.

He loves going on long walks, bike ride, run along side the quad and car rides. He is always ready to go and attentive to his handler and his surroundings. Chuck executes each and every command with passion. 

In protection, Chuck gives it his all. he possesses a deep/threatening bark, tenacity and the power to deliver a crushing bite.


Chuck would make a great addition to any home needing a powerful protector/security system. 

Freya- Belgian Malinois


SEX : FEMALE                  PRICE : $65,000

Meet Freya!

Freya is not only a social and friendly dog but she also gets along well with family, children and other animals. Her calm and balanced demeanour makes her an ideal companion for everyday life. She has been bred as part of our breeding program, ensuring good genetics and a healthy bloodline. 

However, what truly sets Freya apart is her exceptional protective instincts. When it comes to her loved ones, She is absolutely devastating. Her bone-crushing bite and swift, decisive actions make her a force to be reckoned with. Whether its guarding your home or providing personal protection, Freya is more than capable. 

If you interested in welcoming Freya into your home, please let us know. We believe she will be a wonderful addition to any family or individual looking for a loyal and protective companion.

Terra- Belgian Malinois


SEX : FEMALE                  PRICE : $65,000

Meet Terra

Terra is a gorgeous fawn female Belgian Malinois and is the sister of Freya. Terra is often mistaken for a male due to the shape of her head and the size of her body. She is on the bigger/taller side, easy to handle an would make the perfect protection dog for any family.

Terra is gentle, sweet, loves people, children and other animals. Although she is gentle and easy going, her protection is real! She comes in fast and hard with a bone-crushing bite. She is devoted to defend and protect those that matter and are closest to her. 

Capo- Belgian Malinois


SEX : MALE                  PRICE : $125,000

Meet Capo


He is a young Belgian Malinois from our breeding program. Capo is the direct son of the one and only Chuck! Capo is not just a pretty face, he is also incredibly intelligent. He is a quick learner and excels in his protection work, on the obstacle course and in obedience.


Capo is eager to please his owner and always gives it his 110%. Whether it’s learning new excersises or following commands, he is always up for the challenge.


In addition to his impressive appearance and intelligence, Capo has a loving and affectionate personality. He is great with children, other animals and enjoys being a part of the family. Capo is a loyal companion who will always be by your side, ready for any adventure or simply to snuggle up with on the couch. 

Capo’s protection work is above and beyond. Capo has proven to have more compression in his bite at 6 months than most matured dogs. He is continuously improving every session and has never missed a target! His powerful bark and speed speak for themselves. 

Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!



SEX : MALE                 PRICE : PLEASE CONTACT 

Meet Ammo

A young Belgian Malinois from our exceptional breeding program. This handsome pup possesses a stunning pigmentation that truly sets him apart. Along with his striking appearance, he also presents an impressive confirmation that showcases his strong and well-balanced physique.

Not only is this pup highly skilled and obedient but he is also extremely sociable. He is excellent with children, displaying a friendly and gentle deadener that ensures he will be a great addition to any family.Moreover, he gets along well with other dogs, making him an excellent choice for those looking to add another canine companion to their household. As he matures, there is no doubt that this remarkable pup will become a true head turner, catching the attention of all who come across him.

This pup has been carefully selected for his clearheadedness and stability, making him a calm and composed companion in everyday life. 

Furthermore, this pup exhibits remarkable work ethics, making him the ideal candidate for various tasks and activities. He has undergone thorough off-leash obedience training, demonstrating his ability to follow commands with precision and reliability.

Additionally, he has been trained in protection, showcasing his natural instincts and abilities in guarding and defending. This pup’s exceptional obedience and protection skills make him an excellent choice for individuals seeking a reliable and capable companion.






Meet Astra Astra is an exceptional dog who has undergone off leash obedience training. With her strong nerves and clear-headedness, she remains calm in everyday life situations. Astra gets along well with children and other dogs, making her a great addition to any family. Additionally, she possesses excellent protection skills, making her a reliable protector for your home. Astra is truly unique and a head turner, representing the quality of our breeding program. She is the proud daughter of Chuck, a highly regarded sire.

Astra’s off leash obedience training sets her apart from other dogs. This training ensures that she can be trusted to follow commands even when not restrained by a leash, making her an ideal companion for outdoor activities. Her strong nerves allow her to remain composed and focused in various situations, making her a reliable partner in any setting. Whether it’s going on walks, playing in the park, or spending time with family, Astra’s calm demeanor adds an extra layer of ease and enjoyment to everyday life.

Not only is Astra well-behaved and obedient, but she also has a gentle and friendly nature towards children and other dogs. Her temperament makes her an excellent choice for families with young ones or those who already have other canine companions. Astra’s ability to get along with others ensures that she will be a beloved member of any household and will quickly become an integral part of the family dynamic.What sets Astra apart is her exceptional protection skills. With her strong instincts and drive to protect, she will provide a sense of security to her new owners. Whether it’s safeguarding your property or accompanying you on outdoor adventures, Astra’s protection abilities will give you peace of mind. As a proud product of our breeding program and the daughter of Chuck, a highly respected sire, Astra represents the quality and reputation of our line of Belgian Malinois dogs. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring home this extraordinary dog.

Please contact us for further details or to arrange a meeting with Astra



Been looking for a male Mal for 2.5 years. Practically made my wife nuts with the countless calls, visits and research of breaders and trainers literally all over the USA and even some internationally.

We are quite a busy family with a young 6 year old son, a 20 year old daughter who lives near by, 2 dogs (one small shitzu and one wild golden doodle) and a few businesses that require a lot of our time. The concern was of course making sure we got the perfect fit for our family and life style. We decided to get a 6 month old male Mal from Perry and his team.

The drop off and training was fantastic and we immediately knew that we made the right decision. Our Mals obedience is on point. Our desire is to have a perfect combo of a loving family loving dog, chill dog relaxing when needed, ready to go walk and hike, strong obedience to his family and level headed to be able to perform protection work was needed and is exactly what we got.

I mean, how often do you really see a 6 month old dog at public restaurant in a down stay the WHOLE time? Observing everything with your family’s safety in mind? Save your self the 2.5 years I went through and just use Perry.

We will 100% be back to get a female Mal next when we move into our new home allowing us some more yard space.


My wife and I bought our dog (Jett) 8 months ago, we travel extensively as a family with Jett. He has turned out to be a wonderful addition to the family, a worthwhile purchase giving us peace of mind and security. A tip of the hat to Perry and his staff we highly recommend CCPD to anyone interested. LR, Niemi.


It has been exactly 30 days since we have received our dog from Perry and his team; however, we planned, researched, and waited patiently for our “trained young dog” for over a year and we couldn’t be more than pleased.

Prior to receiving our dog, I researched companies and this breed for months as we have never had a Belgian Malinois. I’ll admit I was a little skeptic and hesitant, especially wiring money twice and even up until the point I finally got to meet Perry and our dog personally.

Perry and his team have always been so responsive, informative; sending pictures and progress notes and videos ever since our dog was born. The weeks leading up to our “delivery date”, I had many questions and Perry was very patient. We literally flew and then drove across the country during a pandemic for four days to get back to California and our first two weeks were a “dynamic” adventure to say the least! The level of intelligence, training, and devotion this dog had (thanks to his training with CCProtectionDogs) instantly to my family and I was truly amazing.. He acted basically like a well trained service dog across the country and we literally had no issue in the numerous hotels we stayed at along the way. He crated well and endured the 8-10hr travel days like a pro. Overall, these past 30 days have been an adventure and we are so thrilled and wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Sure, we may have lost some random kids toys here and there that perhaps got chewed up and he may have tried to eat wild donkey poop in 1.5 Milliseconds, but overall he is so incredibly intelligent, willing to work, and we love building on his training weekly with new commands and new challenges. We invested in a nationally certified professional dog trainer right now who comes to our home weekly right now to work with us and “our” handling and she is so impressed with him! She exclaimed he is so quickly graduating steps in her “program” and she loves how quickly he learns and responds. His list of understood words and commands has doubled in the past thirty days and we can’t wait to keep training him. Seeing my elementary aged kids become more confident in handling the dog has been such a fun family experience too.

Overall, we are so thankful to Perry and will forever consider him to be “family” thanks to his team, his training & our dog. **Do not get this breed if you aren’t willing to put in work or be active. Trust me though, the reward for the whole family is worth it if you do.

Feel free to message me on Instagram for any personal questions you may have. @k9_caimanjr_recon_malinois


Great experience, very knowledgeable answered all my concerns. His dogs are extremely well cared for, and his facility in my opinion is top notch. I will be making another future acquisition.


My son and I bought a 3 yr old male Malnois from Perry and Brent and his review says it all….The impact that this animal has had on what I believe to be already a very strong n disciplined young man has been insurmountable. The dog has exceeded our expectations as a reflection of his trainers…This impact has been so positive I sent my 3 yr old German Shepard to be retrained by Perry as their training is second to none. He has been able to get out of Tuukka what I knew was in him when no other trainer could…This took time, patience n a deep down respect for these animals…..Simply said this is a company that will except nothing but giving their clients the best !!!!


Purchased a 3 year old Belgian Malinois and could not be happier. The dogs temperament and drive is unbelievable. The situational awareness that their dogs have is something you can’t miss; the communication that you will have with your dog will make you know that you have 100% control at all times while still having a great companion dog. With the training and attention that Command Control provides to their dogs is next to none, in my honest opinion. Their training philosophy is something I’ve never encountered before. After sticking to their program when I became the handler to my dog has built such a unique relationship because of the way they work their dogs . If you want a rock solid dog that you can trust with the protection of you and your family. Get in contact with CCPD. My dog only continues to get better and I have full trust that he will be there if the situation ever arises. Delivery of my dog was unbelievable as well. To have a company care so much about their dogs and clients to personally deliver your new dog to you, helped out so much. After I became the full handler of my dog I had all the information I needed because of what they provided.


-Peter Davis 


Words cannot explain what an incredible dog we got from @ccprotectiondogs.  She is so smart, calm, clear-headed, strong and obedient that it is shocking that she is only eight months old.  But her incredible demeanor and physical abilities are a testament to the exceptional breeding and training that @ccprotectiondogs provides.  Our family has never owned an animal, but we wanted a protection dog given that we own a rather large property.  We were a bit anxious about taking the leap, especially because we have two young boys (5 and 6 years old) and lack experience with dogs.  Nevertheless, after doing my research and speaking to many people, it became abundantly clear to me that Perry and @ccprotectiondogs are the superior choice when looking for a trained protection dog (or a puppy, given that the bloodlines they maintain are of the highest caliber).

Perry is incredibly knowledgeable and beyond generous with his time.  He immediately returned my phone calls and text messages, including at night and over the weekend, and he answered every question I had and proactively gave us advice based on his assessment of what we should be doing relative to the dog and how to raise her.  And when we decided to purchase the dog, he got her to us as fast as possible based on our wishes and he continues to answer our questions. (Hence, this is not a business owner that just cuts off contact after making a sale.  Perry cares about his customers and his dogs and it really shows.) Finally, the delivery couldn’t have gone any better. The trainer, Josh, who came out with Cayman is a delightful person and a fantastic representative of @ccprotection dogs.  We simply could not have had a better experience with him, so much so that we wanted him to stay for our family dinner and were sad (including Cayman) to see him go back home.  He also answered all of our questions–when he couldn’t, he got the answer from Perry–and was very focused on getting the dog acclimated to our family, and teaching us how to carry on with the training that she had been receiving. After he left, we felt totally comfortable with our new dog and confident that we understood what she needed to thrive.  All in all, we could not be happier about our decision, and cannot believe how exceptional our new dog is.  Thank you Perry and @ccprotectiondogs.  For real, you are the best in the business!

Jaclyn B. (Owner of Cayman)


We have been getting our dogs from CCK9 for the past 15 years. Perry changed our understanding of how a dog should be trained and how I should be working with the dogs. We have always had the best experience with Perry and we now have our 4th dog from him. Our first dog protected me from 2 different attackers. The others have protected my wife from aggressive people coming at her. It is amazing what these dogs can do you wont believe it untill you see it. Perry is very welcoming to us at all times.


I recently purchased the most incredible dog Error. I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase! This dog has exceeded all my expectations and has quickly become an irreplaceable part of my life.

From the moment I received Error, I was amazed by his stunning appearance. He has a fierce look in his eyes and is always on the watch for any potential threats to me and my family. He has a bone crushing bite and can take out any threats. Error loves to please the handler and finds joy in working side by side during his walks obeying every command!

It’s been a joy to bring  Error along for walks, picnics, and even family gatherings, where he always manages to steal the show with his charming presence.

What truly sets this Error apart is his appearance and drive! There isn’t a day that goes by where Error isn’t giving it his all!

In conclusion, I can confidently say that Error has brought immense joy into my life and i wouldn’t trade him for the world.

If you’re looking for a furry companion, Error or any of Perry’s dogs at CCK9 are an absolute must-have!



SEX : FEMALE                 PRICE : $12,500

Meet Akira

We are pleased to offer for sale a young female Belgian Malinois from our esteemed breeding program. This pup is truly a gem, possessing a wonderful social nature that makes her an excellent choice for families with children and other dogs. Her friendly and outgoing personality ensures that she will fit right in and bring joy to any household.

In addition to her sociability, this Belgian Malinois showcases a fantastic work ethic that is sure to impress. She has undergone thorough off-leash obedience training, demonstrating her ability to follow commands with precision and reliability. Furthermore, she has been trained in strong protection skills, making her an ideal candidate for those seeking a loyal and protective companion. This pup thrives on being with her handler and is eager to please, making her a pleasure to work with.

Aside from her impressive skills and abilities, this Belgian Malinois is also incredibly affectionate. She loves to shower her handler with love and attention, always seeking out cuddles and affectionate moments. Her affectionate nature makes her an excellent choice for individuals looking for a devoted and loving companion. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring this exceptional pup into your life.



SEX : FEMALE                 PRICE : $3,500

Meet Zarah

Are you in search of a remarkable and loyal companion? Look no further! We have a solid black female German Shepherd for sale who possesses all the desirable traits you could ask for. With solid nerves and a clear-headed demeanor, she remains calm and composed in every situation. Her nice pigmentation and strong bloodline from the KNPV line ensure that she is not only visually stunning but also comes from a long line of highly capable working dogs.

In addition to her impressive physical attributes, this German Shepherd has a nice confirmation and a big head, further enhancing her striking appearance. However, her beauty is not just skin deep. She has been raised in a loving environment and is socialized to be great with children and other dogs. So, whether you have a bustling household or are looking for a faithful companion for your little ones, this German Shepherd will fit right in and bring joy to your family.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add this exceptional black female German Shepherd to your life. Her solid nerves, clear-headedness, and stellar bloodline make her a truly remarkable dog. With her nice pigmentation, strong confirmation, and big head, she is sure to turn heads wherever she goes. Plus, her sociable nature ensures that she will be a perfect fit for families with children and other dogs. Contact us today and welcome this incredible German Shepherd into you home!