Command Control Protection Dogs has two training programs to choose from. Personal Protection DogsFamily Protection Dogs, and Customized Training for more personal program. Our Custom Training is outlined below.

Custom Lifestyle

  • Trained in your language of choice
  • Socialization with other domestic pets or livestock
  • Uses specific area of property to relieve themselves
  • Relieves themselves on command
  • Tailored program for the disabled
  • Exposure to aircraft
  • Exposure to marine travel
  • Traveling unrestrained in a vehicle
  • Holding a down stay in an office environment such as under your desk


  • Child protection program
  • Vehicle hijack prevention
  • Aggression alert
  • Aggression alert in the sit position
  • Targeting the weapon hand
  • Exposure to live gunfire, fire, smoke, and explosives
  • Biting on an elevated surface such as the roof of a vehicle
  • Crowd control
  • Muzzle work
  • Food refusal
  • Article guarding
  • Guarding surrounding premises

Scent Work

  • Man scent tracking
  • Lost child recovery
  • Building search
  • Article search such as wallets, cell phones, keys