Bad Protection Dog Breeders

CC Protection dog.Long Hair  German ShepherdWhen it comes to getting a dog as pet, everyone has a different opinion and preference. You cannot tell someone to adopt from a shelter and not buy from a breeder just because you had a bad experience in the past. Everyone has the right to make their own choice for their future family member. However, a recent trend gaining quite a lot of popularity is to adopt and not to buy. Although it might be good to adopt a dog from a shelter and make space for more abandoned dogs, there is no harm in buying from a breeder. The thing that matters the most when going for the breeder option is that the breeder must be a responsible person. There are many breeders out there who have only one goal in mind; to earn as much money as possible without providing proper care to the dogs.
So, if you are going to buy a puppy from a breeder, make sure you are aware of the signs of an irresponsible breeder. Let’s start with it!

Sign #1: The Breeder doesn’t Encourage Visits

The biggest sign of a bad breeder is that they don’t want you to visit their home or facility. A responsible breeder would want the future puppy owners to visit the puppy’s home and learn about the environment it lives in. However, if a breeder is always offering to visit your home with the puppy and not invite you over to theirs, then know that there is something fishy. Many backyard breeders try to keep buyers from visiting them because they have a small area where they keep puppies in crates. If the breeder that you are in contact with is not inviting you for a visit, then this is a warning sign and you should avoid buying from them.

Sign #2: The Breeder Makes Excuses when you ask to meet with the Puppy’s Parents

It is extremely important for buyers to meet with the puppy’s family and its parents. A good breeder will always encourage you to meet with the parents to take a look at their temperament and breed qualities. If a breeder makes excuses when you ask to meet with the puppy’s parents, then there is a problem. Breeders are more than willing to make buyers meet the littermates and parents because it gives them a good idea of how their puppy is going to be like. They also get to learn the qualities that their pup will have as it grows. By taking a look at the puppy’s parents, you can easily come to a decision that whether you want to buy the puppy or not.
However, if the breeder isn’t allowing you to meet with the parents, then there is a high chance that the parents or the mother is in bad shape. Meeting the puppy’s parents is essential for getting to know the breed and learn vital information about it. A responsible breeder will go to any lengths to ensure that you are satisfied with the breed and the puppy’s family.

Sign #3: The Puppies did not spend Enough Time with Their Mom and Littermates

Puppies need to stay with their moms for at least eight to ten weeks. This period in a puppy’s life is very crucial and the puppy learns a lot from its mother and its littermates. If the breeder tells you that the puppy did not spend a lot of time with the mother, then you should stay away from the breeder. Puppies form basic behavioral and social skills from their mothers and littermates. However, if they did not get to spend enough time with them, they are more likely to be aggressive and have problems socializing with others. No one wants to buy a puppy that doesn’t socialize with the whole family. So, if that’s what your breeder tells you, it is best to stay away.
Sign #4: The Breeder doesn’t have the Puppy’s Medical Records
When you are buying a puppy from a breeder, you have to keep a lot of things in mind and one of them is the puppy’s medical records. Whether it is a breeder, private owner, or a shelter, every puppy should have an up-to-date medical file with all of its medical records in it. If a breeder tells you that they did not keep a record of the puppy’s vaccinations, check-ups, and medicines, then there is a high chance that the puppy was never taken to the vet. A responsible breeder wants the best for their pups. That’s the reason they hand-over a proper medical file to the buyers. A medical file is a proof that the puppy had been under great care and is safe to buy.

Sign #5: The Breeder doesn’t inquire about you and Your Family

A responsible breeder is eager to question the family that comes to buy puppies from them. They always have lots of questions because they want their pups to go to the best homes. A good breeder will ask you the following questions:

• Your knowledge of the breed.
• The reason you want to buy.
• The environment of the home that the puppy will be living in.
• The number of people in the family.
• Information about the person who will act as the main caretaker.
• Your experience with any pets.
• The number of pets that you have in the home.
• The vet that you will take the puppy to.
• And many more.

If the breeder is asking you a lot of questions, then there is no need to get worried as the breeder just wants to make sure that the puppy is a perfect fit for the family. Moreover, breeders often give advice to families for providing good care to the puppies so that they don’t face any trouble afterwards.

Sign #6: The Breeder doesn’t have Specialization in One Breed

Responsible breeders do not handle different dogs because their main purpose is to improve a particular breed. However, if a breeder deals with several breeds, then it is a clear sign that they do not focus on making the breed better. Breeding is a complex process that involves a lot of challenges. A good breeder has to take several things into consideration before they are fully ready to pair dogs. A responsible breeder will look for parents that have certain personality traits and characteristics. They also need to take a close look at the medical records and genes of the parents to ensure that the litter will be disease free and healthy. There are many more things that a breeder needs to keep in mind including the parents’ looks. So, if the breeder you choose breeds multiple breeds, then know that they are not going to be responsible.

Sign #7: The Breeder has a Huge List of Available Puppies

A responsible breeder never has a lot of puppies available in the waiting list. These breeders never breed until they have several people waiting to buy puppies so that the entire litter finds good homes. Many responsible breeders already have families waiting for the litter to be born. Therefore, if a breeder tells you that they have a lot of puppies on their list, be aware as the breeder might not be that credible.

Sign #8: The Breeder doesn’t want to Sign a Contract

A responsible breeder always makes people sing a contract before they buy puppies from them. This piece of document is a necessity which ensures that the puppy has been bred responsibly and is going to be taken care of by the family. The contract also includes information about the puppy’s health. If you are buying a larger breed, then you need to make sure that the contract contains medical reports of the puppy’s hip examination to avoid any hip diseases in the future. Another important clause that should be included in the contract is that the owner can always return the puppy to the breeder if they are unable to keep it with them.

Sign #9: The Breeder is not Part of Breed Specific Clubs

A good breeder is always willing to learn more about the breed that they specialize in, and the best way to keep up-to-date with breed information is to be a part of breed specific clubs. If the breeder is not passionate about breeding, they will not care to get involved with breeding clubs and informative events. So, when you meet up with a breeder, make sure you ask them about their participation in local, regional, and national breed specific clubs. If the breeder is not part of any clubs, then there is a high chance that they are not as knowledgeable as they should be. A good breeder should always be eager to learn new things about the breed they are dealing with. This makes them improve the breed and act responsible towards them.

Sign #10: The Breeder doesn’t Encourage Future Contact with You

Breeders are the closest to their puppies and they act as their guardians. They are also extremely attached to them since the time of their birth. Therefore, if a breeder tells you that they don’t want to stay in contact with you after you have bought the puppy, then this is a sign that the breeder is careless or is hiding something from you. It is not possible for a good breeder to not keep in touch with the family that is buying their puppies. So, be careful of the breeders that just want to get rid of their puppies.

Wrap Up!

If you have decided that you want to buy a puppy from a protection dog breeder, then beware of the signs mentioned in this article. The sign of a responsible breeder is that they are always willing to help families and are open to their questions. They also actively stay involved with the families that buy puppies from them. If you are being careful in scrutinizing the breeder, then there is nothing wrong in buying puppies from them. After all, it is your responsibility to ensure that your new fluffy family member is coming from a good and healthy environment, and is a perfect fit for your home.