Does Bull Terrier Make a Good Guard Dog ?

Dogs not only can be a loyal companion, they can also provide protection by guarding their human family and the area they consider their territory. A guard dog watches, threatens the intruder, and possibly attacks to the point of their retreat. When choosing a new dog to potentially be your guard dog, it is important to consider the breed’s intelligence, ease of training, protection capabilities and attitude around strangers. Having a guard dog comes with all of the responsibilities that come with having a regular dog and even more. Their nutrition and medical needs all need to be met as well as giving the animal devoted love and attention.

The Bull Terrier is a dog breed that would be a phenomenal choice for a guard dog. The Bull Terrier was bred in England as a fighting dog, however it is not the type of breed to provoke a fight. This dog is a strong built, muscular breed that can be extremely fearless. This breed is playful, sweet and overall good with people, which is very important to consider if you have a family. Bulldog Terriers often become protective of the children they’re around. This breed can be an effective guard dog but also requires a great deal of training and companionship. It has a tendency to be stubborn and independent, so a professional is needed when it comes to training the Bull Terrier. They do not require much grooming, but they do need plenty of exercise. A fair sized yard is great to have as the owner of a Bull Terrier. Also long daily walks are needed to help work off their endless energy, since they could become destructive if not given enough attention or exercise. The Bull Terrier will be a great addition to your home not only as a Guard Dogs, but also as a new addition to the family.

Although we think the Bull Terrier is a great breed, there are huge differences in the strength, companionship and abilities of a Bull Terrier compared to say a German Shepherd, Protection Dogs.