Why are Family Protection Dogs Better for Protection?

Belgian Malinois, Protection Dogs, Broson. downAn increasing number of people are starting to invest in personal security and protection. Many homeowners opt for alarm system and cameras for their homes and others prefer to keep guns and other weapons in their homes to protect themselves from burglars and intruders who can cause them harm. But what is really the best option for keeping yourself secure in this uncertain world? Personal protection dogs are a great, dependable way to enhance the security of your home and family.

Are Weapons Really the Best Form of Protection?

Many people believe that keeping guns at home is a good way to stay protected from intruders. However, this is not the best option for more people. Many states have strict laws that can make purchasing a gun difficult. If you do have a gun, you’ll need to be extremely careful when storing them, especially for families with children. Furthermore, a gun is totally useless if the owner doesn’t know how to use it. Burglars and intruders usually come bearing guns and know how to use them. Unless you are trained to handle a gun, you should not opt for it.

CC Protection Dogs, Blog post.Do Alarms and Security Cameras Help Protect the Property?

Another popular safety measure taken by homeowners is the installation of alarms and security cameras. Although these devices are quite effective in commercial applications, they often don’t play a part in keeping the home secure. Cameras require monitoring around the clock in order to effectively protect your home. The alarms installed in your home can only make you aware of an intruder trying to enter and will not play any part in protecting you from them.

Are Protection Dogs your Best Bet?

There are different breed of dogs that act as great protection dogs for families. German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are two personal protection dog breeds that can be quite helpful in keeping your home secure.

These dogs are always alert and can detect any unusual sound instantly, making you aware of it with their bark. Secondly, if trained for protection purpose, these dogs can be very wild and aggressive to intruders. Executive protection dogs will keep a sharp eye on the home even when everyone else is taking a nap. Such dogs have the ability to attack burglars or strangers trying to enter the property.

Not every dog can be helpful in protection your home and family. But if you have a trained protection dog by your side, you can definitely feel relaxed that your canine guard will take care of bad situations.